a question regarding KMail filters

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Jul 29 17:23:46 BST 2002

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Rajarshi Guha wrote:
>   When filtering through kmail I see there are 2 types of actions -
>   one is run
> program and the other is pipe through program.
> I've tried to use the run program action - but the python script I run
> needs
> the From: address  - is there any way I can get the From: address
> (like a %f or something like that?).
> I also tried making my script reading from stdin and using the pipe
> through action - but my script seems to recieve nothing.

If you need the headers of the message then you have to use the pipe 
through action according to the documentation. The run program action 
only passes the message body and other message parts (like attachments) 
to the program which is run.

> Does anybody know how to let my script get certain parameters (at
> least the From:) out of a mail?

The pipe through action works for me. Maybe your filter rule doesn't 
match or you didn't enter the correct program name (including the full 
path). If KMail doesn't find the program which should be executed then 
KMail silently ignores the filter action.


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