a question regarding KMail filters

Rajarshi Guha rxg218 at psu.edu
Mon Jul 29 15:19:28 BST 2002

  When filtering through kmail I see there are 2 types of actions - one is run
program and the other is pipe through program.

I've tried to use the run program action - but the python script I run needs
the From: address  - is there any way I can get the From: address (like a %f
or something like that?).

I also tried making my script reading from stdin and using the pipe through
action - but my script seems to recieve nothing.

Does anybody know how to let my script get certain parameters (at least the
From:) out of a mail?

(I know I could use fetchmail and then procmail - but I dont want to run
sendmail on my system and would prefer everything to stay in KMail)


Rajarshi Guha                  | email: rajarshi at presidency.com
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Pennsylvania State University  | AIM  : LoverOfPanda

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