KDE-3.0.2 / Qt-3.0.4 problem: rpm vs. tar.gz

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Jul 28 03:51:33 BST 2002

Mogens Neupart wrote:
> I'm not quite sure if this is a Qt or a KDE issue (or my Mandrake-8.2 dist.):
> I have updated KDE-2.2.2 / Qt-2 to KDE-3.0.2 / Qt-3.0.4 rpm's which run OK and 
> I can log in as myself.
> To get KDevelop-2.1.2 to work I have compiled Qt-3.0.4 with gcc-3.1.1-0.10 in 
> directory qt3new.
> I change directories qt3 -> qt3old and qt3new -> qt3.
> When I log out and try to log back in as myself, I'm returned to the log in 
> screen every time I press Go!
> When I log in as root in KDE-2.2.2 / Qt-2 I can change the compiled version 
> back to the rpm (qt3 -> qt3new and qt3old -> qt3). I am then able to log in 
> as myself again.
> I have the same problem after installing Qt-3.0.5 rpm.

How is Qt registered with LD.SO?

Look in the file: "/etc/ld.so.conf".

If you have it listed as: "qt3" then you will need to run (as root): 
"ldconfig" after you switch the symbolic link.

If you have it listed by the actual name of the directory, then you will 
have to first change it and then run: "ldconfig".

ALSO make sure that you built Qt with the "thread" option.

There is also another possible problem with NO solution.  The LibStdC++ 
that comes with GCC-3.1.x is not the same as the one installed with your 
system.  It is possible that they are not compatible and then the KDE 
binaries simply will not work with Qt compiled with the new (GCC-3.1.x) 


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