KDE-3.0.2 / Qt-3.0.4 problem: rpm vs. tar.gz

Mogens Neupart neupart at mail.tdcadsl.dk
Thu Jul 25 04:59:04 BST 2002

I'm not quite sure if this is a Qt or a KDE issue (or my Mandrake-8.2 dist.):

I have updated KDE-2.2.2 / Qt-2 to KDE-3.0.2 / Qt-3.0.4 rpm's which run OK and 
I can log in as myself.

To get KDevelop-2.1.2 to work I have compiled Qt-3.0.4 with gcc-3.1.1-0.10 in 
directory qt3new.
I change directories qt3 -> qt3old and qt3new -> qt3.
When I log out and try to log back in as myself, I'm returned to the log in 
screen every time I press Go!

When I log in as root in KDE-2.2.2 / Qt-2 I can change the compiled version 
back to the rpm (qt3 -> qt3new and qt3old -> qt3). I am then able to log in 
as myself again.

I have the same problem after installing Qt-3.0.5 rpm.

Does anyone know why this is?

Kind regards


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