Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at seelig.de
Tue Jul 16 11:01:01 BST 2002

> > Whether candy is an optional feature or not, that's not the point I am
> > driving at. The KDE project exposed high usability as a top priority
> > target. And in a more or less oblique way they want to be the better
> > windows. MS is collecting aplenty of cutup for the discrepancy between
> > promises and results, why not KDE? Heck, they can do what they like to
> > do, but by talking large one generates expectations. Not to perform those
> > expectations, that's mild-spoken a cheekiness.
> Where do you find this?  Just curious, I would like to see the full
> context of the page, since, if it does create a "cheeky" impression, it
> should of course be corrected.

Ever heard of www.kde.org? Come here: http://www.kde.org/whatiskde/index.html
Read the announcements of SuSE, an important KDE supporter. And througout the 
years, particulary during the first two years of KDE, there were different 
interviews with KDE core developers - on-line and paper - with more or less 
oblique glances to MS. 

> But I still do not understand how having the optional eye candy hurts
> the useability.
> [ ... ]
> > *misunderstanding* The freezing bears on Windows - but stop! A few weeks
> > ago I pulled 3.0.2. Since then I got a freeze a day. A long time in my 8
> > years of age relationship with linux watching this. And it's not only the
> > screen, but a system freeze!
> Since you have used Linux 8 years, I won't waste our time trying to help
> you figure out what's wrong, but if you find the time to figure it out
> and it turns out KDE is the problem, would be great to get a bug report

No chance, because there are no exploitable log messages. More often than not 
it happens when moving a busy konqueror window, but sometimes it just 

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