Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Tue Jul 16 08:02:52 BST 2002

Frank Reifenstahl wrote:

[ ... ]

> Whether candy is an optional feature or not, that's not the point I am driving
> at. The KDE project exposed high usability as a top priority target. And in a
> more or less oblique way they want to be the better windows. MS is collecting
> aplenty of cutup for the discrepancy between promises and results, why not
> KDE? Heck, they can do what they like to do, but by talking large one
> generates expectations. Not to perform those expectations, that's mild-spoken
> a cheekiness.

Where do you find this?  Just curious, I would like to see the full
context of the page, since, if it does create a "cheeky" impression, it
should of course be corrected.

But I still do not understand how having the optional eye candy hurts
the useability.

[ ... ]

> *misunderstanding* The freezing bears on Windows - but stop! A few weeks ago I
> pulled 3.0.2. Since then I got a freeze a day. A long time in my 8 years of
> age relationship with linux watching this. And it's not only the screen, but
> a system freeze!

Since you have used Linux 8 years, I won't waste our time trying to help
you figure out what's wrong, but if you find the time to figure it out
and it turns out KDE is the problem, would be great to get a bug report


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