Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Tue Jul 16 09:22:34 BST 2002

Frank Reifenstahl wrote:

[ ... ]

> by talking large one generates expectations. Not to perform those
> > > expectations, that's mild-spoken a cheekiness.
> >
> > Where do you find this?  Just curious, I would like to see the full
> > context of the page, since, if it does create a "cheeky" impression, it
> > should of course be corrected.
> Ever heard of www.kde.org?

Should I have?

> Come here: http://www.kde.org/whatiskde/index.html

Which part do you find "cheeky"?

> Read the announcements of SuSE, an important KDE supporter.

Hmm, I thought we were talking about KDE.

> And througout the
> years, particulary during the first two years of KDE, there were different
> interviews with KDE core developers - on-line and paper - with more or less
> oblique glances to MS.

And they promised (though of course they would have no basis to do it)
that KDE would not try to improve its look?  I don't see, where you are
going with this.
[ ... ]

> No chance, because there are no exploitable log messages. More often than not
> it happens when moving a busy konqueror window, but sometimes it just
> happens.

Well, when you said system freezes, I figured, "90% probably an X bug",
now that you add this, I figure, "99.5% probabilty X bug" (that is b/c
very few KDE applications have enough rights to lock your system, and
the few that do - kppp and artswrapper - have nothing to do with moving
windows).  Is it possible, that you have a different X version
installed, then what your KDE was compiled against?  Have you changed
your graphics card, or other X settings - KWin accesses some specific X
functions when moving windows not otherwise used; though I haven't heard
of problems with XFree 4 yet, some of the XFree 3.x S3 drivers e.g. had
this problem. Is there a newer version of X you can upgrade to?  Could
also be that a change in KDE triggers an X bug.


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