Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Tue Jul 16 07:47:41 BST 2002

Frank Reifenstahl wrote:

[ ... ]

> > I don't know anything about KDE development but I don't think we can blame
> > the good looking screens for problems in stability.
> That's true. But I take the liberty to blame the KDE project for attaching
> that much importance on beautifying and denying their original objective
> targets by applying a commercial parlance.

I would say, about a year ago, beautifying the desktop was the number
one user request. Now, people have worked hard, and the request has been
satisfied, largely.

Now, others see fit to "condemn" KDE for doing what the users asked. 
Presumably, b/c KDE does not do what the users want.

Fortunately, these improvements were made so you can just turn them off
if you don't like them, and keep the ones you do like.


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