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Mon Jul 15 17:19:48 BST 2002

| > I do hope to actually do some work on KDE in the future. So far I admit,
| > that all I've done is encourage my friends and employers to look at it,
| > sometimes with success, sometimes not.
| Actually, has a list of some ideas, and this is
| one of them.  This is actually a really really important one.  You know,
| we don't have millions to spend on advertising - heck, we don't have
| anything to spend on advertising :-).  So word of mouth, grass roots
| "campaigning", is a great way to contribute.

i've found that knoppix is a great way to show of kde.  for those of you who
don't know, it's a bootable cd you just put in and boot your machine from.
it doesn't need a hard drive and automatically mounts your hard drive if you
have one.  it includes kde, open office, and wine so all you have to do to
demo kde is plug it in and show off ;)

daniel a. g. quinn
starving programmer

the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
 - thomas jefferson

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