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Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Jul 15 02:52:23 BST 2002

Mary Stamper wrote:
> thanks......I know that I irritated some folks in this discussion, but these questions need to be
> asked......


Right, well, don't worry, they are asked, a lot, over and over and over
and over ... and over.  Not by you, to be sure, but nonetheless.  Just
pick one of the random stories on dotsy (, and see how many
times these questions are asked on that page.  Then browse the lists,
this one, kde-user, kde-devel, kde-cafe, . . . - ah, never mind, I read
all that stuff, and you take my word for it, there is no shortage of
asking, and more than asking, you need not fear there is a void to fill

> I do hope to actually do some work on KDE in the future. So far I admit, that all I've
> done is encourage my friends and employers to look at it, sometimes with success, sometimes not.

Actually, has a list of some ideas, and this is
one of them.  This is actually a really really important one.  You know,
we don't have millions to spend on advertising - heck, we don't have
anything to spend on advertising :-).  So word of mouth, grass roots
"campaigning", is a great way to contribute.

And if you ever find yourself making a presentation or something, and
you think others might be able to use it as a starting point, let me
know and I'll find a spot on promo to put it.


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