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Tue Jul 16 02:02:46 BST 2002


One thing I neglected to mention, to those not so familar with the
webiverse of KDE, there are a number of "appropriate" places for
requests and discussions.

I put appropriate in quotes, b/c this list is meant to be a user-to-user
tech support list (and answering questions here is also a valuable way
to contribute to KDE), so technically, anything else here is off-topic. 
This is even more so on this list, since there are very few (any?)
developers here, so to the extent you actually wish to have your
concerns addressed, placing them here is like shouting in the wind.

If you are interested in discussion usability issues in the UI, there
are two lists, kde-usability and kde-look (some of the names may be off,
look at for most of the mailing

If you have a bug report or feature request, there is an entire website
devoted to that: .  Despite the word "bugs" in the title,
there is room for feature requests (called "wishlist" items).  In terms
of maximizing the effectiveness of your report or wish, that is the best
place to be, b/c you organize your comment into categories which are
then browsed by the responsible developers.  Besides being the most
effective place to place your comments, it also is the least annoying
for everyone else, who cannot address your concerns anyway :-).



Andreas Pour wrote:
> Mary Stamper wrote:
> >
> > thanks......I know that I irritated some folks in this discussion, but these questions need to be
> > asked......
> Hi,
> Right, well, don't worry, they are asked, a lot, over and over and over
> and over ... and over.  Not by you, to be sure, but nonetheless.  Just
> pick one of the random stories on dotsy (, and see how many
> times these questions are asked on that page.  Then browse the lists,
> this one, kde-user, kde-devel, kde-cafe, . . . - ah, never mind, I read
> all that stuff, and you take my word for it, there is no shortage of
> asking, and more than asking, you need not fear there is a void to fill
> :-).
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