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Andreas Pour pour at
Sun Jul 14 16:30:16 BST 2002


Me hopes so too.  Every contribution gets it closer, so, at the risk of
being repetitive, don't just wish, help make it happen!

Everyone that contributes to KDE was, at one point, like you, wishing
KDE were better (I know I was there), and they found something they
wanted to have better, and they made it better, and that, is the one,
and pretty much only, way that KDE gets better.  And because we all
pitch in, it belongs to all of us, and nobody can take it away.  It's a
community project.

By contributing, you can make sure the parts important to you get the
attention they deserve.  No matter what your skills, there is something
you can do.  Start with little things, see how it works, you might
actually find, that it becomes a nice hobby of yours (until a bunch of
people start yelling at you b/c they think you should have been working
on KHTML instead ;-) ).



Mary Stamper wrote:
> In fact, I took this as a fine suggestion. Didn't even occur to me to see it as sarcastic. Perhaps
> this discussion belongs elsewhere as well.....I'll look into that.
> You see, I love my linux/KDE desktop at home. I would love to go to work and not have to boot up
> windows.....I'd love to look at that same friendly KDE desktop.... perhaps sometime that will be a
> reality.........hopefully before I retire......
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