WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

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>Is this perhaps one of the weaknesses of the KDE project? or of free 
>software in general? Folks
>work on what they want to instead of worrying about what is needed to stay 
>in business. As an
>employee of a company that sells services for  money, we have to work on 
>what the users need, not
>always on what we think is most cool or most fun. Is this discipline 
>perhaps lacking when there is
>no money to be made?
So, people develop cool software because it's fun, give it to you for free, 
occasionally listen to you when you whinge, and this is a weakness.

All this criticism of KDE developers, and yet the last company I worked for 
paid an unamed solar company close to a million dollars a year, and I never, 
ever got anything fixed, or even recognised as a bug.

Dan "Pay me enough, and I'll ignore you too" Smart

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