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On Friday, 12. July 2002 19:31, daniel wrote:
> that was rude
> i wasn't suggesting that konqueror be abandonned in favour of mozilla.
> konqueror, after all is a superior browser in terms of features etc.,
> only that mozilla was more stable in some areas and that perhaps _some_
> of it's code could be used in konqueror.  this /is/ the whole idea

That is not as easy as it may sound.
You cannot just take parts a foreign code it the design behind it is so 
different than yours.

> behind Free software isn't it?  mozilla introduced tabbed browsing and
> rather than just rip off their code, konqueror wrote new code to
> support it.  why?  

Because mozillas window handling code would not have worked in Konqueror?
Opening a Tab or a window is very toolkit specific, I am pretty sure 
there is nothing you can take from the mozilla code of this feature that 
would work in Konqueror.

> are you implying that kde has nothing to gain from
> ripping off code from gnome or mozilla?

I don't think dre is implying such things.

But "ripping off" code is not very easy across toolkit and language 
Developers could get an idea how to solve a certain problem, but it will 
in most cases be easier to implement the solution yourself.


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