WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Andreas Pour pour at
Fri Jul 12 16:49:27 BST 2002

daniel wrote:
> that was rude

Out of all the comments in this thread, mine was rude?  Maybe you should
rescan it, and think about the fact that the people that are being
talked about have feelings much like you do.

> i wasn't suggesting that konqueror be abandonned in favour of mozilla.

OK, then there was a communication gap :-).

> konqueror, after all is a superior browser in terms of features etc., only
> that mozilla was more stable in some areas and that perhaps _some_ of it's
> code could be used in konqueror.  this /is/ the whole idea behind Free
> software isn't it?  mozilla introduced tabbed browsing and rather than just
> rip off their code, konqueror wrote new code to support it.  why?

Because it's easier to write something like that from scratch, than to
port it from a different set of libraries, data strunctures and computer

> are you implying that kde has nothing to gain from ripping off code from
> gnome or mozilla?

In some cases, yes, in this one, most certainly not.

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