WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Andreas Pour pour at
Fri Jul 12 15:54:03 BST 2002

daniel wrote:
> i'm still a linux newbie, and really in no position to contribute any code
> the kde project, but i'm just wondering if the reason that there's the
> stability issue in kde (and especially konqueror) is that konqueror isn't
> reusing code?

Konqueror reuses a lot of code, actually.

> mozilla 1.0 has finally been released and instead of just copying its code
> into konqueror, konqueror is using it's very own khtml engine right?
> (someone correct me if i'm off here).

It has its own rendering engine, that's correct.
> all i'm saying is that mozilla is an excellent browser and has supported
> tabs much longer than konqueror has -- why not just reuse thier work?  it

If you want to use Mozilla, nothing stops you, works fine in KDE.  But
Konqueror and Mozilla are quite different things.  For example, konq-e,
a "mini" Konqueror, runs on PDAs, try doing that with Mozilla.  They use
different toolkits, so Konqueror integrates better into KDE.

It's also amazing, how much money and time went into Mozilla, maybe, I
don't know, 1% of that, probably much less, went into Konqueror.  So,
sure, maybe it's not as far yet, in some measures, though it is further
in others.

So, in other words, Konqueror is improved much more efficiently, with a
lot less effort, and uses fewer resources.

So why don't you pop over to Mozilla's mailing lists, and ask them, why
they don't drop their project and help work on Konqueror instead?

And when you are done with that, why don't you hop over to the GNOME
list, and ask them, why they don't work on KDE instead?

And then why don't you go to the GM website and ask them, why they just
don't sell Fords?

Think about it.


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