WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

daniel dan at
Fri Jul 12 17:36:03 BST 2002

i'm still a linux newbie, and really in no position to contribute any code
the kde project, but i'm just wondering if the reason that there's the
stability issue in kde (and especially konqueror) is that konqueror isn't
reusing code?

mozilla 1.0 has finally been released and instead of just copying its code
into konqueror, konqueror is using it's very own khtml engine right?
(someone correct me if i'm off here).

all i'm saying is that mozilla is an excellent browser and has supported
tabs much longer than konqueror has -- why not just reuse thier work?  it
might even solve the useability problem in another thread ("tabs in
konqueror from kde 3.1 alpha 1").

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| On Friday 12 July 2002 2:59 pm, Frank Reifenstahl wrote:
| > AFAIC, too, that's the point. I just read the KDE 3.1 announcement - it
| > gave me the creeps. Leaving ground to visit rainbows, what the hack are
| > they doing? A GUI and its desktop should support me WORKING. I don't
want a
| > kaleidoscopic toy, don't want to get dizzy watching transparent
| > through transparent buttons through transparent popup windows. I have
| > respect for everyone working at KDE, but listen, I am in dire need for
| > STABLE browsers and mail progs.
| This used to be discussed a bit on the development lists but hasn't been
| some time now. The fact is that KDE developers don't have the discipline
| focus purely on stability. As soon as a release is made, the new
| tree is opened. The bug reports which the new users of the "stable" system
| supply tend to fall on completely distracted ears.
| I remember, oh, must be a couple of years ago, I posted a request to
| kde-devel that the new development tree is left closed for a period after
| stable release so bug reports in the stable system get complete and rapid
| attention. I just got flamed. My suggestion is how Linus works with the
| development of Linux - sometimes he doesn't open the new development
| for months, until he's sure the stable tree is really stable. That's why
| Linux is stable and KDE isn't, and, in fact can never be really stable.
| Don't waste your breath asking KDE developers to concentrate on stability.
| It's not what they want to do, and as we've seen in recent threads, they
| only really interested in doing what they want to do.
| Given the way things are, KDE users can assist by getting the alphas and
| betas and testing them, and reporting bugs while developers are still
| on getting the code right. Waiting until a "stable" KDE release is made is
| too late.
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