KMail Folder weirdness

James Tappin sjt at
Mon Dec 16 14:51:52 GMT 2002

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:06:29 +0100
Daniel Klein <bringa at> wrote:

DK> > > I have a folder in Kmail here which decides to mark all messages
DK> > > as unread whenever I click on it, no matter how often I mark
DK> > > them as read again.. what can I do?
DK> >
DK> > Either don't use NFS or Samba or make sure that the clocks of the
DK> > NFS server and the clients are in sync.
DK> I'm very sure I'm neither using NFS (unless that's something that is
DK> enabled by default in most standard distros.. I'm using SuSE 7.2,
DK> never happened across anything looking like NFS in my ps) nor
DK> Samba.. and some of these mails are months old.. how can a clock
DK> offset cause that? (Maybe I'm failing to see the problem.. it's also
DK> only this one folder)

The problem with NFS is that if a mail folder is on a directory that is
NFS-mounted and the clocks are out of sync between the machine running
kmail and the one where the messages actually reside, then kmail is
unable to make any changes stick (i.e. they look to have been made but
if you leave the folder or exit kmail and then return the changes are
unmade). It causes so many of the changes don't stick problems with
kmail that it's always the first thing you'll be asked to check.


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