KMail Folder weirdness

Daniel Klein bringa at
Mon Dec 16 15:29:17 GMT 2002

> The problem with NFS is that if a mail folder is on a directory that is
> NFS-mounted and the clocks are out of sync between the machine running
> kmail and the one where the messages actually reside, then kmail is
> unable to make any changes stick (i.e. they look to have been made but
> if you leave the folder or exit kmail and then return the changes are
> unmade). It causes so many of the changes don't stick problems with
> kmail that it's always the first thing you'll be asked to check.
> James

Okay, let's assume I'm rather clueless (I don't think I'm all too clueless, 
but let's assume it for simplicity's sake).. how do I figure out if I am 
using NFS? I did (out of naivety) a ps aux | grep -i nfs and got nothing.. am 
I running NFS or not?

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