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Benjamin Lee Solosy aethereal at
Mon Dec 9 18:45:42 GMT 2002

Thank you very much for your reply, Ingo!

However, your reply in turn raises a couple major questions which I hope that 
somebody (anybody with the time and inclination) might be able to 

1.  Why does "KMail currently send all messages with Content-Type: 
text/plain?"  I'm sure there is a reason (probably even a very good one), but 
I'm just curious why that is.  (The functionality for HTML composing in KMail 
seems so close to complete that I am especially curious why this is the case.  
As discussed previously, even the facility to open up an external HTML editor 
and insert HTML code into a message body is provided by KMail.)
2.  Why do so many people seem to erroneously believe that HTML composing in 
KMail works if in fact it doesn't?  :-)  Aside from the fact that the KMail 
Documentation indicates that it is possible, I have come across many Usenet 
postings in my research by people who claim to be able to send HTML messages 
in KMail!  :-)  Are these people in fact able to send HTML messages in KMail 
(somehow), or are they simply *wrong*?

Here is just one example:
From: Jim (jstead1 at
Subject: Re: How to send HTML email with Kmail? 
Newsgroups:, alt.os.linux
Date: 2002-11-21 15:42:54 PST 

... I do it all the time (send html mail with k-mail 
that is).

Actually what I do is make a web page.  Use the editor of your choice.
Save the web page.
Attach the web page to the e-mail (just like any file).
Send the e-mail.

To the recipients, it looks just like you're using one of those HTML mail 
clients (like Outhouse express), except the code for a 20 line e-mail isn't 
200 lines. (Copy yourself in the e-mail, if you have the HTML option turned 
on, you'll see it comes in as html mail.)

You should not link to files on your machine.  For example, if you want an 
image in the web page, the image should be on the web, and the link should 
point to that location.
--  Jim

In closing, I would just like to say that I would *really love* to be able to 
send HTML-format messages in KMail [this is a very big wish of mine/very 
important functionality to me], and I am sorry that this functionality 
apparently does not yet exist.

Once again, if anybody has any quick info to share on this issue, I would love 
to hear it.

Thank you very much!

Very sincerely,
Benjamin Solosy

On Monday 09 December 2002 1:35 am, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> Good observation.
> The answer to your problem is that KMail currently sends all messages
> with Content-Type: text/plain and therefore the receiving mail client
> correctly shows the HTML message as plain text.
> Sending HTML messages with KMail is currently not possible (and it won't
> be possible in KDE 3.1).
> Regards,
> Ingo

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