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Mon Dec 9 15:55:30 GMT 2002

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On Sunday 08 December 2002 5:57 pm, Benjamin Lee Solosy wrote:

> KDE Version:  3.0.3-8 Red Hat
> KMail Version:  1.4.3
	(much snippage)
> And I *am* able to receive HTML messages (including images, etc.)
> from others just fine.
> However, I do not seem to be able to successfully send/receive
> messages to myself in HTML format.  (When I receive the mail, I see
> the HTML code itself, rather than the properly rendered message.)
> When I compose my message, here is what I do (as suggested by the
> KMail Documentation):
> 1.  I Configure KMail:  "Use external editor instead of composer:"
> /usr/bin/quanta %f
> 2.  When I compose my message, Quanta is automatically started, I
> compose my message, save it, and exit Quanta.
> 3.  The HTML code from Quanta is automatically inserted into the body
> of my message.
> 4.  I send the message.
> 5.  When I receive it, I see my original HTML code, rather than the
> expected correctly rendered message.
> Btw:  When I View Source, I notice that "Content-Type: text/plain;"
> rather than "Content-Type: text/html;" for example.  That would seem
> to be a clue to this problem.
> Does anybody know why I am unable to receive my HTML messages as
> correctly rendered HTML documents, rather than HTML code?

Yep.  Had the same problem sending .png and .jpg files.  If I send it 
to myself (done for checking purposes), I get it back just fine.  
However, if I send it and it goes through some other (unknown) ISP, all 
the attachments are changed to text, making them unsuable.  I 
understand that some ISP's do the same stupid number on HTML code.

You might check by looking at the full headers as well as send and 
receive from other selected individuals.  If the problem is an ISP and 
the ISP can be isolated and identified, you can (and should) complain 
to the ISP operators.  Not even all large companies have changed the 
ISP procdures of the companies they have bought, so, let us say, 
Verizon is okay but an ISP it bought has been left as it is.  A 
complaint to Verizon is likely to get it fixed.

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