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James Barton jb002c4581 at
Sun Dec 1 05:40:57 GMT 2002

Hi all,
My system - debian sid with kde 3.0.98, dual head.
My problem - on the first restart after upgrading kde, everythign was fine. 
But now I have a few separate issues: 
 - no matter how many virtual desktops I ask for in the desktop, only one 
appears in the pager, and it does not contain the outline of the open windows 
on that desktop,
 - not all applications started on the desktop appear in the taskbar, and 
those that do can spontaneously disappear,
 - opened windows have no surrounding coloured bar (is this 'window 
decoration'?), and therefore cannot be moved around the desktop. They can 
only be closed by choosing 'quit' from their menus. It is also impossible 
with many of them to get a keyboard focus inside the window, rendering 
Konsole for instance useless.

But the oddest thing of all, and the reason I can still send this from KMail, 
is that this is only true of screen0. Screen1 is absolutely fine.

The only possible trigger I can think of is that I plugged in an additional 
keyboard and mouse just before the problems arose (I normally have 2 mice and 
2 keyboards attached in case I'm working with anyone), but I don't see why 
that would make any difference.
Can someone help me make screen0 useful again?
And if I've totally failed to RTFM, could you point me to the FM?
Thanks in advance,
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