Can't get Thiz Dialup to recognized Modem

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Aug 21 22:23:36 BST 2002

James Lawrence wrote:
> Dear Folks,
>   I have recently purchased a new computer with ThizLinux Version 5.0. I 
> am trying to get onto the Internet using ThizDialup after having put my 
> username, password and the telephone number of my ISP inThizConfig. When 
> I use ThizDialup it acts like it is calling my ISP but it is not as 
> there is only a dial tone on the phone line. It seems that it is not 
> communicating with the modem and does not recognize the modem.
>    I have been able to use the UNIX Terminal window to recognize the 
> modem and dial up my ISP but there are handshaking problems and the an 
> ISP Tech says that all their modems use PAP and not CHAP. I do not 
> expect help from you on this but this information might help in 
> diagnosing the problem with KDE.

>   I am communicating with you using my other computer which has Windows 
> 98 and Netscape.
>   If you can not help can you direct me to persons or organizations who 
> might be able to help?

The information to quickly diagnose your problem is missing.

Do you know that make and model number of your modem?  Please note that 
the modle number is not 56K.

When you have tried to use the modem with the terminal, does it make any 
sound -- can you hear it trying to connect?

Do you know which device your system has assigned to the modem?

Have you told ThizDialup that device, or if it always uses: "/dev/modem" 
have you made the link "/dev/modem" to point to the device that you are 
using.  With a current Kernel, ti will probably be: "/dev/ttyS4" unless 
you have an external modem.

Also please note that if you wish to ask Linux questions, you should use 
the KDE-Linux list rather than this one.


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