Can't get Thiz Dialup to recognized Modem

James Lawrence geos52 at
Thu Aug 22 16:01:06 BST 2002


   Thank you very much for your help. I will test out your approach with 
help from my UNIX colleague. I am almost certain I am dialing out using 
the terminal window which runs in UNIX and uses wvdial because I get 
messages back from the modem like "Carrier detected" and then "PPP 
negotiation detected" and then "Start ppd" and then "PPP daemon has 
died! (exit code=19)". It hangs up and tries again.  How do I get on the 
KDE-Linux list? Much thanks again!

Jim Lawrence
geos52 at

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> James Lawrence wrote:
>> Dear Folks,
>>   I have recently purchased a new computer with ThizLinux Version 
>> 5.0. I am trying to get onto the Internet using ThizDialup after 
>> having put my username, password and the telephone number of my ISP 
>> inThizConfig. When I use ThizDialup it acts like it is calling my ISP 
>> but it is not as there is only a dial tone on the phone line. It 
>> seems that it is not communicating with the modem and does not 
>> recognize the modem.
>>    I have been able to use the UNIX Terminal window to recognize the 
>> modem and dial up my ISP but there are handshaking problems and the 
>> an ISP Tech says that all their modems use PAP and not CHAP. I do not 
>> expect help from you on this but this information might help in 
>> diagnosing the problem with KDE.
>>   I am communicating with you using my other computer which has 
>> Windows 98 and Netscape.
>>   If you can not help can you direct me to persons or organizations 
>> who might be able to help?
> The information to quickly diagnose your problem is missing.
> Do you know that make and model number of your modem?  Please note 
> that the modle number is not 56K.
> When you have tried to use the modem with the terminal, does it make 
> any sound -- can you hear it trying to connect?
> Do you know which device your system has assigned to the modem?
> Have you told ThizDialup that device, or if it always uses: 
> "/dev/modem" have you made the link "/dev/modem" to point to the 
> device that you are using.  With a current Kernel, ti will probably 
> be: "/dev/ttyS4" unless you have an external modem.
> Also please note that if you wish to ask Linux questions, you should 
> use the KDE-Linux list rather than this one.
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