Best Way to "archive" email

Paul Yunusov pyunusov at
Sun Aug 18 15:58:29 BST 2002

On Sunday 18 August 2002 09:40 am, Howard Coles wrote:
> I am using Kmail, and I have accumulated several thousand messages.  To
> Kmail's credit it hasn't shown any signs of wear.
> The question is how can I "archive" messages so that I don't have them in
> my active mailbox when I start Kmail but could access them if questions
> arose?
> The email system I manage at work (GroupWise) has an "archive" function
> that lets me pull all the email from my main mailbox and store them on my
> hard drive for longer term storage.  This lightens the load on the server
> and keeps my mail from getting removed by the system enforced clean up
> policy.

You should have a Mail directory in $HOME, where all your mail folders are 
stored as text files. I guess tar cvzf mail.tar.gz ~/Mail will do what you 

There is also a "Miscellaneous" section in KMail settings where you can pick 
the format for storing mail folders on disk between directories or flat 
files. The funny thing is it's set to directories ("maildir" format) in my 
case but the mail is still in flat text files in ~/Mail. I guess I don't 
understand something. :)

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