Best Way to "archive" email

Brad Potts pbrad at
Sun Aug 18 16:42:18 BST 2002

Now that you meantion it, one thing I've noticed in my Kmail when it comes
to archiving is that my inbox, outbox, and sent items are archived, but
doesn't show anything under any *new* folders that I've created.  For
example, I have a new folder called "mailing list" and under that folder are
subfolders, and in those subfolders are the e-mails I've received from each
mailing list.  Well, the "mailing list" folder is in my /home/Mail directory
(along with inbox, outbox, etc.).....but there are no subfolders inside
mailing list.  Since I can't find the subfolders inside "mailing list" this
means that I can't archive my e-mails that are kept in these folders in
Kmail.  I take it I can only archive my inbox, outbox, and sent items??  It
will only show up if I have the subfolders for mailing list "belong to top
level".  That is the only way I can get them to show up in the Mail
directory or any subdirectorys below Mail in a Konsole window...

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