Getting Qt on Windows

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Tue Aug 13 14:46:57 BST 2002

I've recently purchased the book "Programming with Qt" (its great) and
am getting hooked on Qt without a doubt.  I've already got it up and
running quite well on my FreeBSD machine, but I'd also like to test out
some Windows apps also.  To be quite honest the Trolltech site is
annoying (because it does it's job) by hiding any sort of free downloads
etc.  I see that you can get version 2.x for free on the Windows
platform, but according to the book I need 3.x to do any sort of
database work with built in functions.  Is that true?  I'm just a
college student trying to learn a bit, not make any money, because if I
had money I would definitely pay for such a great product.


~ Matthew

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