gkrellm & maximizing

Vincent Kan vincentk at email.com
Tue Aug 13 05:26:17 BST 2002

>On Monday 12 August 2002 07:28, Vincent Kan wrote:
>> Is it possible to have the gkrellm window be not maximized over - ie.
>> I maximize a window, it should not maximize over the window nor
>> the gkrellm window be on top of any part of the maximized window.
>> Something like how kicker's portion of the desktop is ignored for the
>> purposes if maximizing windows.

>i believe that what you need for this is docking option, which i dont
>gkrellm supports.


Is the docking option failure a gkrellm or kde3 bug? I have tried
starting gkrellm with kstart and the dock option to no avail.

--Vincent Kan

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