Flash and Shockwave Flash

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Aug 8 09:12:52 BST 2002

Pieter Breed wrote:
 > Hi
 > I got 2 questions/issues
 > 1) - I got the linux flash player,

Well, in my usual Germanic manner:

What do you mean when you say that you: "got the linux flash player"?

That is, did you install it?

 > but I cannot get it to work.

The "*.tar.gz" archive file contains a Netscape plugin (*.so) file and a 
Java "*.class" file.  There is NOT any installation anything, you need 
to copy these two files to the correct place(s) for it to work.  And, 
then for Konqueror, you need to run a Netscape Plugin Scan either with 
the widget in Konqueror Settings, or with the command: "nspluginscan"

 > (When I go to www.flash.com I get a  "You need the flash plugin" error)

Konqueror had a bug (fixed in 3.0.x) which may be responsible for the 
problem, but only if it is opening a new window and that new window 
tells you that.

 > I also have plugger installed and while I can see .xls and .doc files
 > from within netscape I can't get the files to open from within
 > Konqueror. Any ideas on how to fix this ?

Yes, you need to go to the "File Associations" in Konqueror setup and 
make sure that the MIME type(s) for these extensions are set to: "Show 
file in embedded viewer" and to use: "Netscape plugin viewer".

For further information, see: "File Associations" in section 9. of the 
Konqueror Handbook (3.0.x others may vary).  Click: "Help" in Konqueror 
and select: "Konqueror Handbook.
 > 2) - What is the difference between Flash and Shockwave flash. I
 > realise this is not _really_ a kde topic but it goes with the
 > previous question.

In your context, there isn't any difference.  The Flash plugin is 
properly called the Shockwave Flash plugin.  But, don't confuse it with 
the actual Shockwave plugin.  Yes, this *is* confusing. :-)

NOTE: as I understand it, it would be better to post such questions to 
the KDE-Linux list.


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