Multiple KDE directories: $KDEDIRS and /etc/kde3rc

Alexander Mattausch Alexander.Mattausch at
Tue Aug 6 13:41:57 BST 2002


In KDE 2 I used to combine different locations of KDE packages (local, 
file server) by setting the KDEDIRS variable, which worked fine. In KDE 
3 I found that this variable is explicitly unset in startkde (at least 
for SuSE Linux), and all comments I found about that mentioned that the 
"prefixes" entry in /etc/kde3rc should be used instead. Unfortunately 
this does not work properly; Kicker does not find some of its entries 
anymore when additional entries in kde3rc, and kbuildsycoca still seems 
to rely on $KDEDIRS.

What's the correct way to combine different KDE locations in KDE3? Is 
there a documentation of /etc/kde3rc? I don't even know if I separated 
the pathes in thr prefixes entry correctly (I used ":").


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