New user registration is broken.

Nate Graham nate at
Thu Mar 29 13:43:37 UTC 2018

Ben, how can we fix this for the remaining 1% so you don't have to 
answer emails like this and handle sysadmin tickets? 1% of the possible 
universe of likely new KDE Identity account owners could be a lot of people.


On 03/29/2018 01:51 AM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 8:43 PM, Ricard Anufriev
> <ricardwork at> wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Ricard,
>> please check the new user registration page ("Complete Registration on KDE
>> Identity") which is provided by the confirmation mail (send after completing
>> )
>> The registration page asks for a Username, but instead of a text field it
>> has a combo box, which has only one element "Not selected". Using this
>> option will, of course, fail and result in "Username cannot be blank." or
>> "Username is invalid.".
>> Fix: Use a text field for Username.
> This system works in 99% of cases. The usual cases where it fails are
> where the person enters an extremely common name, or where they have
> entered the bare minimum in order to satisfy the system's requirements
> (ie. they've not provided their actual name, or a reasonable
> pseudonym)
> I've checked and we don't seem to have a pending registration for your
> email address, so please send the address you tried to register with
> to sysadmin at and we will look into why you had issues here.
>> Cheers,
>> --
>> Ricard Anufriev
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> KDE Sysadmin

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