New user registration is broken.

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Thu Mar 29 07:51:13 UTC 2018

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 8:43 PM, Ricard Anufriev
<ricardwork at> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ricard,

> please check the new user registration page ("Complete Registration on KDE
> Identity") which is provided by the confirmation mail (send after completing
> )
> The registration page asks for a Username, but instead of a text field it
> has a combo box, which has only one element "Not selected". Using this
> option will, of course, fail and result in "Username cannot be blank." or
> "Username is invalid.".
> Fix: Use a text field for Username.

This system works in 99% of cases. The usual cases where it fails are
where the person enters an extremely common name, or where they have
entered the bare minimum in order to satisfy the system's requirements
(ie. they've not provided their actual name, or a reasonable

I've checked and we don't seem to have a pending registration for your
email address, so please send the address you tried to register with
to sysadmin at and we will look into why you had issues here.

> Cheers,
> --
> Ricard Anufriev

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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