Theme update

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Mon Dec 3 19:48:33 GMT 2018

Andrew Crouthamel ha scritto:
> Regarding the applications section, I was going to make a post about it later 
> on when I had some. But, I was going to recommend that we consider migrating 
> whatever useful information is available on those pages into the user base 
> Wiki, and use the wiki instead.

I disagree. The idea that was discussed last time, which I still find 
valuable, is to generate the pages under applications/ from the data gathered 
from the appdata files, maybe with some additional details which can't be 
represented in those files.

Moving them to the wikis would made it again more complex to update the basic 
information for each application.

The last thread about this was, if I'm not mistaken, few months ago:


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