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On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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> Hi Andreas,

Hi Friedrich,

> Am Dienstag, 26. August 2014, 08:38:23 schrieb Andreas Cord-Landwehr:
>> Hi, during the last Randa meeting, Albert, Aleix and me hat a nice chat
>> about how to use the new AppData files of the different applications to
>> have a new way to generate the JSON files needed for the application pages
>> (as for example this one
>> at (The
>> current way is to parse the main.cpp and the *.desktop files and merge them
>> with some magic.)
>> As far as I know (please correct me, since I only know the edu-www pages in
>> depth) both Edu and use the same scripts to generate these JSON
>> files, even if Edu forked them years ago. And actually, they are not working
>> anymore since the script-logic is expecting all applications to live in
>> SVN.
>> Our plan is to update/change the generation scripts at to
>> utilize the appdata files as well as to make them working with our Git
>> infrastructure. The far goal, however, might be to reuse them for
>> pages, i.e., for our application hub.
>> These are our planned steps:
>> * BoF: we registered a BoF at Akademy's Wednesday, 11:30am to which everyone
>> interested is invited (primary goal: technical discussion how the scripts
>> shall work, how everything fits into our infrastructure)
>> * Protoype: I plan to make a prototype for converting those appdata files
>> and see which of the information our JSON files provide we can gain this
>> way * Edu-Testrun: update
>> * Later: see if/how the scripts can be reused for
> I will see to join as well, as I have played around with metainfo of apps some
> years ago, and still have some open issues there:
> I once wrote the code behind which generates pages like e.g.
> from here
> based on some database files manually maintained in the website. See
> The scripts for were inspired by that from what I remember, and I
> still have an open promise to help in that area.
> But I also saw other chances with metadata of apps: creating templates for
> package spec files. Or creating KAboutData code from it. The sources of a
> working prototype tool are still alive, read the README for some inspiration:
> Sadly where I collected lots of ideas around that has meanwhile
> seen /dev/null, but I might have a backup still somewhere.

I have checked our sysadmin archives, and can't find anything relevant
to this - unless it was stored on the Akademy 2006 Dokuwiki instance.
It seems this wasn't archived sadly.

> Would be great to finally push that somewhere forward. So I will at least sit
> and listen there.
> Cheers
> Friedrich


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