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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Tue Sep 2 21:55:46 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas,

Am Dienstag, 26. August 2014, 08:38:23 schrieb Andreas Cord-Landwehr:
> Hi, during the last Randa meeting, Albert, Aleix and me hat a nice chat
> about how to use the new AppData files of the different applications to
> have a new way to generate the JSON files needed for the application pages
> (as for example this one
> at (The
> current way is to parse the main.cpp and the *.desktop files and merge them
> with some magic.)
> As far as I know (please correct me, since I only know the edu-www pages in
> depth) both Edu and use the same scripts to generate these JSON
> files, even if Edu forked them years ago. And actually, they are not working
> anymore since the script-logic is expecting all applications to live in
> SVN.
> Our plan is to update/change the generation scripts at to
> utilize the appdata files as well as to make them working with our Git
> infrastructure. The far goal, however, might be to reuse them for
> pages, i.e., for our application hub.
> These are our planned steps:
> * BoF: we registered a BoF at Akademy's Wednesday, 11:30am to which everyone
> interested is invited (primary goal: technical discussion how the scripts
> shall work, how everything fits into our infrastructure)
> * Protoype: I plan to make a prototype for converting those appdata files
> and see which of the information our JSON files provide we can gain this
> way * Edu-Testrun: update
> * Later: see if/how the scripts can be reused for

I will see to join as well, as I have played around with metainfo of apps some 
years ago, and still have some open issues there:

I once wrote the code behind which generates pages like e.g.
from here
based on some database files manually maintained in the website. See

The scripts for were inspired by that from what I remember, and I 
still have an open promise to help in that area.

But I also saw other chances with metadata of apps: creating templates for 
package spec files. Or creating KAboutData code from it. The sources of a 
working prototype tool are still alive, read the README for some inspiration:

Sadly where I collected lots of ideas around that has meanwhile 
seen /dev/null, but I might have a backup still somewhere.

Would be great to finally push that somewhere forward. So I will at least sit 
and listen there.


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