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Jumpei Ogawa (phanect) phanective at
Thu Sep 29 18:22:46 UTC 2011

Sorry for late reply.

> gives an exact definition which does what.
Thanks. I understood exact difference between techbase and community.

>> I want to upload (and make it possible for Japanese speakers to
>> create) following kinds of contents: - Technical documents written
>> only in Japanese (not translated to English)
> Is there a specific reason for them to be in Japanese only?  If you
> are thinking of difficulty in getting a good enough English
> translation we can probably put you in touch with people who would do
> this for you.
It was my miswriting. *I* won't upload documents written only in Japanese.
But I think many Japanese people feel it difficult (and not so 
motivated) to write contents in English and they need place to write 
documents in Japanese.

 >> I want to create "Japanese" section in wikis and place contents
 >> there.
> separate areas, usually managed by namespaces, result in
> poor communication between languages.
How about adding category such as "Japanese Version Only" to search 
Japanese-specific contents?

>> - Information only needed for Japanese speakers (such as
>> translation manual for Japanese)
> We do have provision for this - when people sign up for Translator
> accounts, it is possible to create a page for language-specific
> translation needs.  That seems to be exactly what you need there.
> Take a look at the lower section of
Thanks. Should we include information about KDE software translation 
(not only wiki translation) in the language-specific guideline?

>> # Excuse me for my poor English :)
> There's nothing in your English that's difficult to understand.
Thank you :)

Jumpei Ogawa (aka. phanect)

Japan KDE Users Group

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