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On 09/26/2011 04:12 PM, Jumpei Ogawa (phanect) wrote:
> Hi, my name is Jumpei Ogawa, a member of Japan KDE Users Group.
Hello, and welcome.

> Japan community have Japanese wiki, but we're considering to close
> it and merge contents to userbase, techbase, or
That's good news.

> I want to create "Japanese" section in wikis and place contents
> there. Is it accepted to create contents only written in local
> language? And is there are any rules or precedent to create local
> language articles?
We made a conscious decision some time ago not to do this.  The reason
is simple - separate areas, usually managed by namespaces, result in
poor communication between languages.  Content updated in one
namespace doesn't get propagated or updated in another.  However, I'm
sure that with some consultation and deliberation we can find
solutions that suits everyone :-)

> I want to upload (and make it possible for Japanese speakers to
> create) following kinds of contents: - Technical documents written
> only in Japanese (not translated to English)

Is there a specific reason for them to be in Japanese only?  If you
are thinking of difficulty in getting a good enough English
translation we can probably put you in touch with people who would do
this for you.

> - Information only needed for Japanese speakers (such as
> translation manual for Japanese)
We do have provision for this - when people sign up for Translator
accounts, it is possible to create a page for language-specific
translation needs.  That seems to be exactly what you need there.
Take a look at the lower section of

> # Excuse me for my poor English :)

If I had even a smattering of Japanese I'd be proud :-)  There's
nothing in your English that's difficult to understand.

Please join us on IRC, #kde-www, if you can.  If I'm not around (I've
a vacation coming up) Claus_Chr can answer just about any question,
and Neverendingo can answer (mediawiki) technical questions.


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