Create Japanese section on wiki

Jumpei Ogawa (phanect) phanective at
Mon Sep 26 15:12:09 UTC 2011

Hi, my name is Jumpei Ogawa, a member of Japan KDE Users Group.

Japan community have Japanese wiki, but we're considering to close it 
and merge contents to userbase, techbase, or

I want to create "Japanese" section in wikis and place contents there. 
Is it accepted to create contents only written in local language? And is 
there are any rules or precedent to create local language articles?

I want to upload (and make it possible for Japanese speakers to create) 
following kinds of contents:
  - Technical documents written only in Japanese (not translated to English)
  - Information only needed for Japanese speakers (such as translation 
manual for Japanese)


Jumpei Ogawa (aka. phanect)

Japan KDE Users Group

# Excuse me for my poor English :)

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