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Lukas 1lukas1 at
Tue Jun 21 21:44:36 UTC 2011

Hi Jay,

Just came to my head. Its more a brain dump, but since *base and forums are
not going to be replaced with different CMS soon, I see no reasons why not..

Build custom search interface for
- AJAX based Live search
- searching in BOTH forums and userbase
- display results in 2 column layout one for each resource
- Something like

- Current search on forums s***. It shows EACH reply matching query(not the
thread) sorted by date, not relevance. In most cases it makes search
worthless, as 2-5 latest posts can take even 3 search result pages. Users
almost never goes below 1-2 :(
- Answer might also be documented on user base, so we can avoid some
redundant questions

How to sort?
- Something like:
SELECT title, intro FROM forums WHERE body='$query' GROUP BY thread_id ORDER
BY solved, view_count

Web team, what do you think?

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