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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Feb 5 18:37:28 UTC 2010

On February 4, 2010, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> SVN commit 1085358 by bcooksley:
> Copy everything needed from www.kde.org to www-devel.kde.org except for the
> Announcements, to allow for needed changes to be done for the new layout
> Please avoid making changes to the copied content on www.kde.org at this
> time. If you feel something has been missed, please say.

cool, it's looking very nice.

some questions, and apologies in advance if these have already been covered 
somewhere else and i just missed the answers:

* how do i get involved with contributing to the text? the "Get Involved With 
KDE" page really needs some love, for instance, and if i find time to do that, 
what is the process to do so? (e.g. how do i ensure that i won't be 
duplicating other people's efforts; is there a peer review process, etc?)

* where will the "what is KDE" bit be going? would it make sense to have a 
friendly "What and who is KDE?" link somewhere on the front page (not 
necessarily in the navigation)

* is there a place for us to record customs/policies for things like "it isn't 
'the KDE e.V.' but just 'KDE e.V.'" or "the SC is not to be promoted as a 
product in promotional communication, it is only a release phenomenon"? it 
feels like something that should probably go around 
http://community.kde.org/Promo perhaps?

* what will be the role of the plasma.kde.org site in this? for feb/march 
plasma.kde.org will become a placeholder for the javascript jam session 
competition, but after that i'd like it to become something actually useful ;) 

i can see a few possibilities:

* a small page on kde.org that delivers the "elevator pitch" for Plasma 
Desktop/Netbook with a sidebar containing links to plasma.kde.org, etc much as 
the application pages are laid out; plasma.kde.org would then cover in more 
detail Plasma (devel platform, shells), KWin, KRunner, etc.

* the links from the banner navigation in kde.org go straight to 
plasma.kde.org and everything is there. in this scenario, the elevator pitch 
for plasma would appear on plasma.kde.org along with all the other 
information. the navigation hierarchy shown on www.kde.org would be reflected 
at plasma.kde.org but with content specific to the KDE Workspaces (so 
applications would include kwin, krunner, etc. while the developer platform 
would provide links to pages about libplasma, Javascript plasmoids, kwin 
plugins, etc)

* www.kde.org provides a full pitch for users for Plasma Desktop and Plasma 
Netbook and plasma.kde.org becomes a developer interest site (e.g. plasmoid 
writers, window effects plugin development, etc)

* www.kde.org provides a full pitch for users for Plasma Desktop and Plasma 
Netbook and plasma.kde.org becomes a site for the Plasma user community with 
lists of plasmoids and what not


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