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Nuno Pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Fri Feb 5 10:10:25 UTC 2010

On Friday, 5 de February de 2010 03:02:48 Ben Cooksley wrote:

Just to congratulate every one involved in creating this masterpiece i love 
the new web site think its an work of art, and apart from a few little things 
i would change its freeing perfect.

KUDOS but like huge KUDOS  

> SVN commit 1085358 by bcooksley:
> Copy everything needed from www.kde.org to www-devel.kde.org except for the
> Announcements, to allow for needed changes to be done for the new layout
> Please avoid making changes to the copied content on www.kde.org at this
> time. If you feel something has been missed, please say.
> CCMAIL: kde-promo at kde.org
> CCMAIL: kde-www at kde.org
>  A             code-of-conduct (directory)  
> trunk/www/sites/www/code-of-conduct#1084962 A             download
> (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/download#1084962 A            
> download/images/media-optical.png  
> trunk/www/sites/www/trykde/images/media-optical.png#1084962 A            
> download/trykde.php   trunk/www/sites/www/trykde/index.php#1084962 A      
>       family (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/family#1084962 A           
>  info (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/info#1084962 A             mirrors
> (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/mirrors#1084962 A             presspage
> (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/presspage#1084962 A             stuff
> (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/stuff#1084962 D            
> stuff/books.php
>  D             stuff/merchandise.php
>  A             support/documentation (directory)  
> trunk/www/sites/www/documentation#1084962 A             whatiskde
> (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/whatiskde#1084962 D            
> whatiskde/kdevelop.php
>  D             whatiskde/koffice.php
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