Ben Cooksley sourtooth at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 03:02:48 UTC 2010

SVN commit 1085358 by bcooksley:

Copy everything needed from www.kde.org to www-devel.kde.org except for the Announcements, to allow for needed changes to be done for the new layout
Please avoid making changes to the copied content on www.kde.org at this time.
If you feel something has been missed, please say.

CCMAIL: kde-promo at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-www at kde.org

 A             code-of-conduct (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/code-of-conduct#1084962
 A             download (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/download#1084962
 A             download/images/media-optical.png   trunk/www/sites/www/trykde/images/media-optical.png#1084962
 A             download/trykde.php   trunk/www/sites/www/trykde/index.php#1084962
 A             family (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/family#1084962
 A             info (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/info#1084962
 A             mirrors (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/mirrors#1084962
 A             presspage (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/presspage#1084962
 A             stuff (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/stuff#1084962
 D             stuff/books.php  
 D             stuff/merchandise.php  
 A             support/documentation (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/documentation#1084962
 A             whatiskde (directory)   trunk/www/sites/www/whatiskde#1084962
 D             whatiskde/kdevelop.php  
 D             whatiskde/koffice.php  

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