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At 02:05 +0100 30/01/03, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote about Re: wwwtesting - blue:

|Be assured my reply was not meant as a personal attack onto you. It was
|just a reaction to talk about educating oneself, which seemed rude to me
|in the context that one of your basic assumption was wrong as well.

My remarks were not aimed at you either nor at Sebastian, they were a 
reply to Mirko's posting to kde--ev mailinglist. The discussion was 
continued here.

Educating oneself is merely meant in general not someone specific. 
Personally I would not comment on a subject if I didn't do extensive 
research on it. But that's just me

|> FYI there is no such color named 'Royal Blue'.
|FYI royalblue is a named colour in HTML and CSS (#4169E1).

We're talking about 2 different things here. RGB colors and print 
colors. In the world of corporate identity (CI) one always refers to 
print colors CMYK. And in this case because of the trademark question 
I stated that in traditional colors there is no such name as  Royal 
Blue. In fact if you would go to 3 different professional printers 
and ask for a logo to print out in Royal Blue they will tell you the 
same. They will ask for the CMYK precentage.

|> The Royal Blue you are referring to is a name probably only used
|> within KDE. In the world of graphic and design print there is no such
|> name.
|There are 128,000 google hits for "Royal Blue".
|106,000 of them also have the term "colour" on their page.
|Just search for ["Royal Blue" colour OR colour OR colors OR colours].

Just because people use in on websites does not mean it is used in 
the professional world of color use. i.e print.

|> Colors are being referred to by their Pantone names or given in
|> percentages CMYK (Cyan Yellow Magenta Black). Royal Blue is probably
|> a compounded color.
|The name Royal Blue was used long before computers were invented.

???? CMYK and Pantone was invented ages before computers were 
invented. Sorry but in my Color Science study books there is no 
mentioning of Royal Blue.

|Never mind. It's not really important whether the colour name "Royal Blue"
|exists or not. I just don't like it if people attack other people's work
|with wrong facts or tell other people to "educate themselves" and get the
|facts wrong themselves.

You way out of line here. I nowhere 'attacked' anyone. You snubbed me 
even before I posted a message to you. The message you were replying 
on wasn't even directed at you but a reply to a discussion on kde-ev 
about the website colors and was forwarded to kde-www.

As for wrong facts, some people have an education on this subject. 
Don't know if you went to the University or Arts or not and I really 
don't care either, but you could show some respect for someone else's 
knowledge even if it differs from your version of the truth.
I don't tell developers how to write their code nor do I offer advice 
because I have no education on this matter. What I do know is graphic 
and typographic design, usability and color use and do find it 
strange that someone with no knowledge on this subject tells me I'm 

|> It will make you look stupid because you didn't check before you
|> started to design, and anyone professional knows it's something you
|> do check before you start.
|A professional is someone who is paid for his work. The person who did the
|layout (Sebastian Faubel) did this without being paid as a professional.
|It was a great gift to the KDE community.

A professional can be 2 things, indeed someone who gets paid to do a 
job or someone who knows what it takes to do the job. I agree that 
people who work hard on KDE, like Sebastian should be treasured. I 
also think that even though that people are volunteers they still do 
a professional job.

|I don't mind changing the colour. I mind attacking Sebastian on a personal

I did not tell you to change the color, I merely offered adivce 
saying it should be checked to make the colors weren't accidently the 
same as the MS colors to avoid any problems. Nowhere did I ever 
attacked Sebastian.


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