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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
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Hi Tink!

Thanks for you long reply to my e-mail. I obviously really misunderstood 
your first mail, and I did not guess that my reply would hurt you, as I 
had no idea you had studied design. Sorry.

> |> FYI there is no such color named 'Royal Blue'.
> |
> |FYI royalblue is a named colour in HTML and CSS (#4169E1).
> We're talking about 2 different things here. RGB colors and print
> colors.
> In the world of corporate identity [...]

Thanks for explaining it in such depth.

I think we have an agreement now: There is indeed a colour named "Royal 
Blue", and I am allowed to use this name, but it is not an official print 
colour, which you would like to only use.

> Just because people use in on websites does not mean it is used in
> the professional world of color use. i.e print.

I never claimed that it is used as a professional print colour name.
I just defended my "right" to use the term. ;-)

I used the name "Royal Blue" because it is (at least in Germany as 
"Königsblau") a very common name for a certain part of the blue colour 
spectrum, but I never meant this to be an exact CMYK colour definition.

> I did not tell you to change the color, I merely offered adivce
> saying it should be checked to make the colors weren't accidently the
> same as the MS colors to avoid any problems. 

By now I am convinced that we should indeed change the colours. Thanks for 
bringing this up.

You didn't comment on the small change I suggested, which is based on a 
colour traditionally associated with KDE. Is this change enough, or do 
you have any other colour scheme you would like to suggest?

> Nowhere did I ever attacked Sebastian.

"anyone professional knows it's something you do check before you start" 
looked like an attack to me, if it wasn't meant like this, then I 
apologize and take back my critique.


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