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Hi Tink!

Be assured my reply was not meant as a personal attack onto you. It was 
just a reaction to talk about educating oneself, which seemed rude to me 
in the context that one of your basic assumption was wrong as well.

> FYI there is no such color named 'Royal Blue'.

FYI royalblue is a named colour in HTML and CSS (#4169E1).

> The Royal Blue you are referring to is a name probably only used
> within KDE. In the world of graphic and design print there is no such
> name.

There are 128,000 google hits for "Royal Blue".

106,000 of them also have the term "colour" on their page.
Just search for ["Royal Blue" colour OR colour OR colors OR colours].

> Colors are being referred to by their Pantone names or given in
> percentages CMYK (Cyan Yellow Magenta Black). Royal Blue is probably
> a compounded color.

The name Royal Blue was used long before computers were invented.

Never mind. It's not really important whether the colour name "Royal Blue" 
exists or not. I just don't like it if people attack other people's work 
with wrong facts or tell other people to "educate themselves" and get the 
facts wrong themselves.

> If you cared to read the links I provided you can see ifts perfectly
> legal for MS to do so in Germany. It will hold up it court as well.

I read these links, and if you re-read my reply you will see that I even 
refered to them by saying that we must avoid the colour yellow in 
Germany, for that's what Microsoft uses in Germany, not the Royal Blue 
currently used by us.

But there might be other reasons to switch the colour (U.S. law, personal 
taste, dislike for M$) which were not mentioned in the mail.

> There was a case where MS sued a business called Microsof who had a
> website almost identical in color and they wanted it to change. They
> sucessfully did so. Mind you this was in the US where color
> protection laws are tougher than in Germany.

Oh, I didn't know that. The mail you forwarded did not say anything about 
U.S. law or U.S. court cases.

> It will make you look stupid because you didn't check before you
> started to design, and anyone professional knows it's something you
> do check before you start.

A professional is someone who is paid for his work. The person who did the 
layout (Sebastian Faubel) did this without being paid as a professional. 
It was a great gift to the KDE community.

I don't mind changing the colour. I mind attacking Sebastian on a personal 

> I don't know where your hostility comes from but I'm not willing to put
> up that.

OK, I hope the tone of this mail does not seem hostile to you. :)

> All people do within KDE is complain that there's no-one who wants to be
> active and advise in projects. 

Right. Hardly anyone is helping with the new website, for example, but all 
people claim to know it better.

> Than when someone stands up and tells you he or she has
> knowledge on this type of subject you snub him off.

I think by now you should have understood my perspective, which is very 
similar to exactly these of your words, and you should be able to write 
the proper reply to this yourself, by just saying the same from a 
different perspective. ;-)

> It's something that should be checked _before_ you start designing
> not afterwards.

Just to avoid misunderstandings, I did not design the layout, it was all 
Sebastian Faubel's work.

> I'm not trying to tell you what to do but that is how it works.

You _are_ telling us what to do, and that is OK, if you accept people 

> If this wasn't posted on kde-ev I wouldn't have known about it. I
> volunteered to work on a KDE corporate style guide, that's why I
> replied. 

I am not subscribed to kde-ev, so I just read what you posted to kde-www. 
I do not know which other conversation was there, and hence I do not know 
the reason for the hostile "educate itself" bit.

> If your not interested in my professional opinion as a graphic designer
> just let me know and I will direct my time to my own projects.

Sorry, it was not my aim to hurt you.


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