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> As for the difference to I don't think there's much
> improvement since all three colors are blue and only comparing them
> shows that there actually is a difference. 

It should be enough to keep the lawyers out, as Microsoft couldn't claim 
we stole their colour. In no country of this world you can trademark all 
shades of blue.

> I'd say we shouldn't worry too much about one color anyway.

I agree.

> But as I said I like this new color

It's actually a lighter version of the "old" KDE standard colour, so we 
are also consistent with that.

Is this colour still used for the Konqueror about page and for kcontrol?

> can we keep it? =)

Well, I don't feel good about changing Sebastian's layout unless there is 
more positive feedback.

> But how does it fare with Keramik's default "Royal Blue" (thanks for
> changing exactly that as well in your screenshot, Olaf =P)?

It fares just fine. Another screenshot attached.


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