Policy for contributions to www.kde.org

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Thu Jan 30 01:21:31 UTC 2003


it seems to me that while we have a generally accepted license policy for 
our source and documentation, we don't have something similiar for the 
contents of our webpages.

I think we need one, to ensure that the contributions we receive are 
permanent and not subject to the contributors will ("ah no, you can't use it 
anymore, remove it"). 

There is a short list of possible licenses for these kind of documents here:


As we use the GPL and the FDL already, these two are possible candidates for 
a KDE web page license policy. There is also the possibility to use the 
FreeBSD documentation license or the BSD/X11 license. 

Do you think we can agree on one license? it would avoid having to 
explicitely state the license in each and every document that is added to 
the webpage CVS. Instead, one could blindly assume that whoever is working 
on a document in the kde-www CVS module, is using license XXX. 

Otherwise, an explicit comment with copyright and comment has to be added 
to the documents. 

Comments, ideas, opinions?

Dirk (received 83 mails today)

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