Colour suggestion

Datschge at Datschge at
Thu Jan 30 00:37:14 UTC 2003

> What do you think?

#3388CC (heh, isn't that one of the old 216 "web safe" colors?)
red: 51, green: 136, blue: 204 or
hue: 146, saturation: 153, lightness: 128

My comment: I actually like this suggested color, it's less flashy and a
little darker and thus might be easier to read than the previously used color.
As for the difference to I don't think there's much improvement
since all three colors are blue and only comparing them shows that there
actually is a difference. I'd say we shouldn't worry too much about one color
anyway. But as I said I like this new color, can we keep it? =) But how does it
fare with Keramik's default "Royal Blue" (thanks for changing exactly that as
well in your screenshot, Olaf =P)?

Cheers, Datschge

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