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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
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On Saturday 25 January 2003 03:27, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 23:59, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> > For the You are here we only need one more var to specify how the root
> > menu should be named and to allow that the currently used page name is
> > added at the end, should I do that or do you want ?
> I'll have a look at thatell I see someone has put in the KDE Homepage bit
> but not the current page, so I'll look at that bit.
K, nice ;) should be in class_menu in the MenuItem constructor, the active var 
is not inited atm, see the outcommented broken code ;)

> > > Does the title graphic for everyone actually work though?
> >
> > Works with current CVS konqui and the standard mozilla from debian
> > unstable here.
> Now works after an update of kde-www from CVS this morning. :)
Fine ;)

> > > Also can we move the search box to the left? Then the default selection
> > > in the dropdown can change relative to the content site currently being
> > > viewed. Personally I think the Search should be at the bottom as well
> > > as the menu should be structured well enough so the user can find what
> > > they want without having to search and searching should hence be a last
> > > resort.
> Any comments on this???
I think on the dual side layout it should stay on the right side, but for the 
single side layouts it is at the bottom since some days, perhaps we should 
hide the whole "related links" in the one sided menu mode instead of 
appending it to the left menu under the search, or?

> Actually the old page is generated something like daily with a cron job not
> on every hit, but either way I will look at doing this by the end of today.
> In Konqueror CVS though the left and right nav bars are a few pixels too
> high and look messy as they merge into the blue bar above there is a
> similar problem with below and to the left of the date at the top. I'm
> guessing th CSS just needs to be tweaked to fix these. I can take
> screenshots if need be.
That is a error in your copy of CVS, update, had it, too.


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