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Jason Bainbridge jaseone at myrealbox.com
Sat Jan 25 16:19:58 UTC 2003

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Well I have the caching code working for the rdf files, just want to double 
check I haven't missed anything then I will commit the changes to 
functions.inc. Every hour (well depending on the timing of page hits) it will 
refresh the cache of the locally kept generated html but the cache won't get 
cleared unless something meaningful (to an extent atleast) is within the rdf 
file so we should never see those news unavailable errors again. :)

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:53, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> K, nice ;) should be in class_menu in the MenuItem constructor, the active
> var is not inited atm, see the outcommented broken code ;)

This is next on my todo list.

> I think on the dual side layout it should stay on the right side, but for
> the single side layouts it is at the bottom since some days, perhaps we
> should hide the whole "related links" in the one sided menu mode instead of
> appending it to the left menu under the search, or?

Yup definitely hide the related links in the one sided menu code, maybe just 
provide a Return to KDE Homepage link at the bottom. Also just out of 
curiosity how hard would it be for a maintainer to put the menu on the right 
if they wanted? I haven't poked around with that part of the code yet.

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